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Lentiviral vectors are powerful tools for gene delivery due to their ability to infect both dividing and non-dividing cells. Our core strives to make lentivirus available to everyone through our economy-of-scale production flow and SOPs.

We consistently generate higher titer virus for cheaper than many labs can do it themselves. We offer a variety of scales; order yours today and spend your valuable time doing experiments!

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Estimated titers and turnaround times for our lentivirus products:              
Prep VolumeExpected titer (infectious viral particles) Turnaround time Pricing
Standard 200 uL Up to 104 viral particles 3-5 days 0.95 USD per tube
96-well 200 uL per well Up to 104 or more viral particles per well 3-5 days 91.35 USD per plate
Mega 10 mL and above ~106 viral particles per mL 5-7 days 20.26+ USD

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Gamma retrovirus