Closed for Construction

We're Closed.

After faithfully serving the community for 15 years, the core is no longer open. Sorry for the inconvenience! If you need help or guidance in making your virus, please contact Michael McManus directly.


Frustrated with making your own lentivirus? Let us make it for you! Our economy-of-scale production flow and SOPs allow us to consistently generate higher titer virus cheaper than many labs can do it themselves. We offer a variety of scales, order yours today and spend your valuable time doing experiments!

The ViraCore carries a number of different virus products. Custom lentivirus, MSCV, and MMLV can be prepared in a variety of formats and scales- just send us your DNA. There are a large number of available viral DNA vectors in the catalog, many of which are available as prepackaged control viral particles. To place an order, simply CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

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