Welcome to the ViraCore

For over a decade this Core has been providing services to members of the research community. We combine the power of Lentiviral technologies to create gene expression and silencing systems for research use.   If you would like to use our services, simply CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT and complete the requested fields.   


Lentivirus are powerful transfection vehicles capable of infecting non-dividing cells, including even the differentiated neurons of the brain. Short hairpin RNAs (shRNAs) can be expressed from lentiviruses, allowing for high efficiency transfection of a variety of cell types. This approach to RNA interference (RNAi) has allowed the rapid interrogation of gene function in primary cells and tissues, including the generation of shRNA transgenic mice. Several groups within academia and biotech are directing their efforts towards generating shRNAs for therapeutic use in humans.  

Objectives of the core

It is the objective of the Core to facilitate research studies by providing lentiviral reagents, services, and training to investigators interested in interrogating gene function. The majority of the services address the need for RNA interference reagents and expertise, however we also provide services for the expression of protein transgenes via lentivirus. Reagents are be in the form vectors and titered virus. High titer lentivirus is prepared for investigators to use in cell culture, stereotactic injection, HSC transduction for hematopoeitic reconstitution, or in the rapid derivation of transgenic RNAi mice. Contact us if there is something you are interested in embracing in your research program.  

What we do

The Core also provides information, training, assistance and resources for experiments to be performed by individual investigators by providing: 1) Essential reagents, equipment, training, supervision, and monitoring of investigators wishing to ensure the proper compliance with biosafety containment required for lentiviral-based research. 2) Lentiviral preparation services for investigators. 3) Education on RNAi experimentation, through the lentiviral core website, and through protocols available at the facility.