Virus Exposure Hotline Pager: 415-353-7842 (STIC)

Who Do I Contact?

Exposure Hotline: The Exposure Hotline operates 24 hours daily for the provision of emergency care of acute exposures such as needlesticks. In the event of a needlestick or blood borne pathogen exposure:
* Call the Exposure Hotline Pager at 415-353-7842 (STIC) * 
Your call will be answered by a live operator who will connect you with the Exposure Hotline clinician. The Needlestick Hotline Programs at UCSF, SFGH, and SFVA provide continuity of care to UCSF personnel who have an exposure at one location and then rotate to another site. This Needlestick Hotline Program Matrix provides guidance on hotline phone numbers, scope of services, and access to care directions at each location.
Are you a student? An excellent needlestick page has been published by the UCSF Student Health and Counceling.